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Livingston, NJ

dining room with rectangular dining table with gray chairs and golden accents

Neutral Warmth

In Livingston, we renovated a single-family home for our clients who moved from a city apartment to the suburbs. The goal was to maximize space with an open floor plan and create a more contemporary look. We simplified moldings, updated bathrooms, added wall coverings, and refreshed the kitchen. Using sophisticated neutrals with pops of colors throughout added fun moments while maintaining an elevated design.


Project Pallette Image
Project Pallette Image


Kirsten Francis

baby room with blue wall and floor and white cabinets and crib
bathroom with dark blue cabinets and wall
kitchen with off-white cabinets and golden accents
bathroom with white cabinets and golden accents
office with dark walls and golden accents
living room with brown couch
Lafayette bedroom
gray chair with ottoman that has golden accents
lafayette vanity area