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Somerset II

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Somerset living room

Sleek Layers

Transitioning from a single-family home to a more manageable 5000-square-foot condo in Chevy Chase was a significant undertaking for a DC couple. Their ideal home needed to offer ease of maintenance, single-level living, and a welcoming space for their two adult children. The open-concept living areas seamlessly merge, achieving a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic that perfectly embodies the couple's vision for a spacious yet manageable living environment.


Project Pallette Image
Project Pallette Image


Studio 360


Stylish Productions



Somerset living and dining room areas
Somerset bathroom with black and white floor tile
Somerset dining room area with black accents
Somerset kitchen area with black accents
Somerset dining room area
Somerset entryway with rectangular mirror and floating shelf
Somerset living room with a lit fireplace