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Rockville, MD

living room with wooden table and dark blue chairs, and accent inset cabinet

Chateau Chic

This new build was architected and designed with unique features that make this home stand out. The team worked closely with the contractors to ensure that every detail was built to accentuate the client’s style. The cascading staircase and custom chandelier help make this an entrance no one will forget. Each room is a mix of unique pieces and custom-made furniture—incorporating style and functionality. The home is anchored by its state-of-the-art fully custom basketball court and entertainment room making this home a place for everyone to enjoy!


Project Pallette Image
Project Pallette Image


Studio Z


Geoffrey Hodgdon


Sandy Spring Builders

spiral staircase with accent table and chandelier
Spiral stair case look from the top with a large canvas paitning
Dining room table with a wooden table and blue chairs
room with a clear table and clear chairs with a dangling chandelier and blue ceiling accents
small clear table with clear chairs, blue accent ceiling and large canvas painign
large oval mirror with accent trim
top view of a spiral staircase onto a reflective table with pink and blue flowers
white table with a couch in the background and large oval mirror
large wooden vanity bathroom with chair
large wooden vanity bathroom wih single sink